Monday, 15 October 2012

2012 Boeing Plans to Turbocharge Fuel-Efficient Flight

Since Boeing first came to market more than five decades, the company has improved fuel efficiency in commercial aviation by 70 percent. But with increasing pressure on airlines to save fuel costs and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, and the aviation industry now expects to accelerate improvements to test new technologies and designs at an early stage.

Slowly emerging innovations in many cases to reach the airport runways. The commonly used commercial aircraft for 20 years, and new models can take 10 years to bring to market. As a result, engineers hate to rely on unproven technologies, even when it is needed to achieve the design goals, says David Akiyama, director of the new company ecoDemonstrator.

Under this program, Boeing will develop a new test bed aircraft each year and use it to run a series of test flights. And signed the first of these trips over 45 days in the summer on the cow pasture silent about Glasgow, Montana.

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