Thursday, 19 December 2013

China technology Lada-class

It is designed Lada class submarine, mainly as a sub browser, but is also equipped for surface warfare and defense of the naval base. Ship carrying a crew of between 34 to 38, with a displacement of 1760 tons of surface and underwater speed of 39 kilometers per hour. It is designed to stay under water for 45 days and can travel about 10,000 miles. Use paint and tile sub new boat on its outer surface and a quieter fan, and said eight times quieter than its predecessor, and Kilo class absorbs sound. The ship has been redesigned several times after failing basic tests in 2014

Friday, 13 December 2013

China 2014 Tianjin International Dredging

With the development of economic globalization, has seen the rapid growth of international trade, and the number of large vessels to grow remains. In order to improve navigation capabilities and allow the berthing of large container ships and oil tankers and ports in the world, and to broaden and deepen the basin and the sea lanes of the port, which will certainly boost infrastructure and dredging the size of maintenance dredging.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Impact of Technology 2020

So, where to start. You can not deny the impact of technology on the operations of the federal government and provide services based on the citizen. Development and implementation of any technology is a complex process. Development and implementation of technology for the federal government, and usually can not, and to increase this level of complexity. These efforts usually involve multiple parties and interests, and the main contractor, Subcontractor (s), consultants (technical and / or management), agencies and other federal and limitations of the federal budget, and contracting processes laws cumbersome, state, and local laws, tribal or federal Congress and citizens. And also well known for these efforts to their size and complexity, and large budgets, mismanagement, poor planning and failure.

Is technology helping us or hurting us 2014

In a world of constantly updated technology, it is easy to feel superior. Look at us - we're on top of the food chain and rule the world. We are smart enough to invent machines to do all the hard work for us.or not so smart in this regard?It is easy to see the new iPad and the last part of the service call and think, "Wow, things are better!" But what about long term effects? These elegant little things that hurt us more than help us.In really, the phrase "too much of a good thing" may be the right way to describe human relationships with technology. These devices have many benefits, but let's take a look at what potentially can harm us if we are also adopting this day.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Latest Technology of 2013

You can create a Massachusetts Technology (MIT) as a center for new technology to overcome, and their attack is seen as an incentive to pay at the end of the electric vehicle revolution more than a bite. In 2013 will Hinoko (meaning "city car", in the photo above) be free to make a lot of Europe (with alittle few areas within the United States), so that the full car "smart" almost obsolete.

Latest Technology of Cars

These cars can be whells 6 brands of cars are not allowed to continue in the virtual world and gives you the right to run the six-wheeled beast proud, a material with a few of the car looks very impressive manliness.It and therefore is fast cars on the roads to burn.
They always say that - 2 hand measure the top of a box. I wondered if the total vehicles. This six-wheel sport 2 also. Known as Covini C6W and leaves no room for imagination are right that seems unnatural. This is fashion, and a lot of material that masculinity. Testifies so that you are driving only on those elements of the city where you can see it's a great place to walk curious quirk of endless laughter call informing children. You will be able to retire, but we expect more of these facilities and braking up together.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

China tests new technology to shoot down missiles in mid-air

China to test ground-to-ground missile intercepting missiles based on technology within the framework of territorial defense. Test to achieve the expected goal, "said a brief prayer in 3 Xinhua statement" test is defensive in nature and not aimed at any country, "he added.
Decision announced test in itself unusual, and occurs after several days of heavy complaints from the Chinese defense establishment on the United States' decision to allow a deal worth $ 3 billion for 330 PAC-Patriot 3 missiles to carry on.