Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The E-Bomb 2012

Next Pearl Harbor will not announce bright flash of light or nuclear sad cry of dying of Ebola or its genetically engineered twin. Listen to the whisper in the distance. Sometime this audio misidentified the thunder of applause world, innocent civilized separated. Fluorescent lamps and televisions strange bright lights, although it was over. The smell of ozone mixed with burning plastic can seep from outlet covers, electric wires arc and telephone lines melt. Trial of Palm MP3 player feels warm to the touch, their batteries overloaded. And the team, and every bit of data, either roasted. And then you will realize that the world looks different, too. The background music of civilization, and the rotation of the internal combustion engine, has been interrupted. Remember that diesel engines a few will start again. You will, however, remain safe and sound, and you find yourself back 200 years, to the time of lightning electricity means breaking the night sky. This is not a hypothetical scenario'm Y2K. This is a realistic assessment of the damage and the Department of Defense believes it could be caused by a new generation of bombs, weapons-E.

Friday, 23 November 2012

New Technology for Genomic DNA Isolation 2013

Output much you need him? If you need very large amounts of genomic DNA, then there is no need to use a method that ensures high transfer speeds productivity. And the use of methods that you can extract DNA in the global end wasting your time. Fortunately, there are groups of more advanced molecular biology promoting maximum genomic DNA clones of the cell lysate.

Source DNA genome is also important. Sometimes be difficult to obtain cell samples, starting analyst whether the method of cell lysis is not effective. Some cells that are difficult Liz and, as such, requires sophisticated means for lysis. These include Gram + bacteria, some strains of fungi and plant cells. These types contain additional coating of the cells, in addition to the cell membrane. They should have a look researcher groups or cell lysis techniques that are able to deactivate Liz types cellular difficult.

Purity level of the DNA genome have been obtained so far, and there is another important aspect. Some techniques may isolate DNA leads to contamination of the DNA samples also. If the experiment samples of highly pure DNA genome, has to go to groups specially made to isolate the DNA of interest only. These packages are capable of ready to use PCR isolate DNA samples, saving valuable time of another DNA purification. This means that the DNA isolation kits which have the ability molecular extraction and DNA Liz in one or a few steps.

Stretching boundaries 2012

Along with many others at work, I've been reading a lot lately about new and emerging technologies. There is no magic and surprise at the speed and pace of technological progress - the reality of geospatial navigation sterile. What has become clear is that we are on top of intensive control to create new experiences.
And technology, rapidly evolving and our use of it, and allow access to truly experience a few years ago seemed credible only in the science fiction film. Now, it seems that if we can imagine we can create.
Perhaps this is a feeling similar to that of the past, which also saw the advancement of technology. Imagine living in a time that was dominated horse vans, then cars (or also commonly known as "horseless carriages"). Perhaps the world is changing at an incredible pace. Or were handwritten letters the only way to communicate over long distances, and so it must be that the appearance of lightning seems

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Rheinmetall signs Canadian TAPV contract 2012

Textron TAPV was elected team, led by Textron Systems Canada, in June, for the manufacture of 500 Canadian Forces armored tactical vehicle patrol (TAPV) with options for up to more than 100 people. TAPV contract has a value of $ 603400000 CAD, with an additional year fifth in the support service to maintain CAD ​​105.4 million.
And it will work in the program Rheinmetall Rheinmetall Canada. During the production phase TAPV fleet, the company will hold the final critical assembly and testing of the vehicles, and the integration of basic subsystems such weapons station remotely controlled, the vehicle navigation system and improve the system driver's vision. It is expected that the production phase of the acquisition of the contract extends from July 2014 to March 2016.
Once deployed, provide Rheinmetall support services (ISS) for the TAPV fleet. We begin with initial operational capability when the delivery of the first 47 vehicles to be held in 2014, and is expected to be completed in 2021, five years after the last car is delivered.
The prime contractor will be Textron Systems Canada TAPV programs and configuration management, as design authority for change management, integration and coordination of the activities of the Canadian automotive subcontractors and the ISS contract management.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Decline of entrepreneurship blamed for Japan woes 2012

Chiaki Hayashi Or Businessman making famous teaching creativity million again.
Different as they seem - Hasegawa distributors Bolt Lock 'n autoparts and operated by Hayashi is an extraordinary woman helps in the search for a new company in Tokyo - both highlight the potential of innovation and entrepreneurship in this country, which is usually versus low implacable box.
Decline, and there is plenty of evidence.
Long in the crisis after the economic bubble burst in 1980, has been eclipsed by Japan from China, the second largest economy in the world. He has overcome many consumer technology companies through competition from South Korea and accumulate losses.
The number of young Japanese who choose to study abroad. While Facebook attracted hundreds of millions of users worldwide, and the establishment never written in Japanese social networking site seems to grow abroad.

Monday, 5 November 2012

New Super Robot with twin guns is unveiled 2012

Japanese electronics company unveiled a super 4M robot that can be controlled by the iPhone.
But beware of the jokes if phoned in instructions, as the robot, made ​​by heavy industry Suidobashi Tokyo, and brings new meaning to the phrase "crazy shot".
"Kuratas" equipped with futuristic weapons system, including the Gatling gun capable of firing shot BB 6000 minutes, which is released when the pilot in the cockpit of a man Caritas.