Friday, 23 November 2012

Stretching boundaries 2012

Along with many others at work, I've been reading a lot lately about new and emerging technologies. There is no magic and surprise at the speed and pace of technological progress - the reality of geospatial navigation sterile. What has become clear is that we are on top of intensive control to create new experiences.
And technology, rapidly evolving and our use of it, and allow access to truly experience a few years ago seemed credible only in the science fiction film. Now, it seems that if we can imagine we can create.
Perhaps this is a feeling similar to that of the past, which also saw the advancement of technology. Imagine living in a time that was dominated horse vans, then cars (or also commonly known as "horseless carriages"). Perhaps the world is changing at an incredible pace. Or were handwritten letters the only way to communicate over long distances, and so it must be that the appearance of lightning seems

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