Friday, 17 August 2012

China signs contract for firefighting Kamov Ka-32, 2012

It has signed the civil administration of Ordos in Inner Mongolia in the contract for the purchase of Kamov Ka-one at -32 and firefighting duties.

Russian helicopter deal was announced on 24 October, and also includes a fire control system simple, horizontal water hoses and dumping VSU-5-water system.

Russian helicopters won a tender for the firefighting helicopter in August 2011. Delivery is scheduled for September 2012.

And the Administration ordered a Ka 32A11BC version Kamov, which is already approved in Europe, Canada and China.

This model is already in use by operators in Spain, Portugal, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Greece and South Korea.

The company says Ka 32A11BC easily controlled and very precise in his movements, due to its axial rotors. Because the aircraft has no tail rotor and tail boom shortened, the company says it helps the team maneuver around obstacles and achieve maximum accuracy, even when going fishing in the area of fire and its atmosphere is unstable associated with them.

Performance of the class of high energy allows the transfer of up to five tons of water.

Today is a Ka 32A11BC in China to perform tasks for the Chinese Arctic and Antarctic Administration.