Sunday, 17 March 2013

Latest Technology of 2013

You can create a Massachusetts Technology (MIT) as a center for new technology to overcome, and their attack is seen as an incentive to pay at the end of the electric vehicle revolution more than a bite. In 2013 will Hinoko (meaning "city car", in the photo above) be free to make a lot of Europe (with alittle few areas within the United States), so that the full car "smart" almost obsolete.

Latest Technology of Cars

These cars can be whells 6 brands of cars are not allowed to continue in the virtual world and gives you the right to run the six-wheeled beast proud, a material with a few of the car looks very impressive manliness.It and therefore is fast cars on the roads to burn.
They always say that - 2 hand measure the top of a box. I wondered if the total vehicles. This six-wheel sport 2 also. Known as Covini C6W and leaves no room for imagination are right that seems unnatural. This is fashion, and a lot of material that masculinity. Testifies so that you are driving only on those elements of the city where you can see it's a great place to walk curious quirk of endless laughter call informing children. You will be able to retire, but we expect more of these facilities and braking up together.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

China tests new technology to shoot down missiles in mid-air

China to test ground-to-ground missile intercepting missiles based on technology within the framework of territorial defense. Test to achieve the expected goal, "said a brief prayer in 3 Xinhua statement" test is defensive in nature and not aimed at any country, "he added.
Decision announced test in itself unusual, and occurs after several days of heavy complaints from the Chinese defense establishment on the United States' decision to allow a deal worth $ 3 billion for 330 PAC-Patriot 3 missiles to carry on.