Saturday, 16 February 2013

Humanity is at a crossroads 2050

Radical Islam and resentment towards the West continue to produce new jihadists. In addition, there were underground groups ranging from the negligence of the First World angry, anarcho-primitivists, too. In 2050, there has been at least a nuclear terrorist attack in a major city in the world through one of these groups. And large quantities of nuclear material from Russia absent since the early 1990s and, inevitably, some will fall into the wrong hands. * In order to be orders of magnitude greater than 9/11, the effects of this attack left a deep psychological scar of many people living today, sparking panic and distrust among nations.

Despite this confusion, progress has been made in cooperation on some key issues, such as global warming. Significantly reduced carbon emissions compared to 1990 levels, thanks to the * A * global carbon tax and published in a wide range of wind, solar and tidal *, along with the nuclear generation (4). * The fossil fuel reserves are declining anyway. Fusion power ** is now available * being adopted by some major countries. Tropical another emerging solar industry. Is planned energy efficiency and conservation * more reduction of CO2 emissions.

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